Disciple Groups Fall 2020

God organized the church to benefit believers and unbelievers.  Everyone benefits because of the deep relationships among Christians.  WCOC strives to have deep relationships to benefit our members AND to shine a light to unbelievers.


We want every member to engage in deeper relationships through these discipleship groups.  We start the week of September 20.  Here are your options:


Sunday right after church:

- Leon and Pam Ross lead a group at the Sullivan's.  In-person and virtual.  Made up of mostly older members, but all are welcome.  Includes a meal.



- Paul and Robin Maynard lead a new group of young, single adults at their house starting at 7:00 pm in-person and virtual.




- Patrick and Corinne meet at their house in-person and virtually and share a meal at 6:30 pm.

- Dale and Vicki Hawley host a Zoom only group from 6:30 - 7:45pm.

- Matt and Traci Robinson and Steve and Tina Countryman are co-hosting an in-person group at their houses starting at 6:30 pm.


Wednesday (beginning Sept. 30):

- Ladies' Bible study at 1:30 pm live and on Zoom.  Contact Susan Frazier.



- Travis and Anna Edwards meet at their house at 7:00 pm in-person and virtually.

- Mark Spoto (in-person) and Rick Bliss (virtually) will meet at the church building at 6:30 pm.


Friday morning:

-Men's group at 6:00 am at Panera in Woodbury.  Contact Matt Robinson.


Saturday morning:

-Men's group at 8:00 am at Perkin's in Hastings.  Contact Todd Frazier.



Engage, Connect, and Share!

Do not hesitate to contact any of these people with questions or you can contact our Discipleship Minister, Steve Countryman, at 651-925-7663.