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Small Groups // Fall 2023
Come join us on the journey!

We all need people in our corner. Sunday mornings are invaluable, but it's hard to forge friendships in a big room sitting in rows. Small groups allow us to get to know one another and create strong bonds of friendship. 


Here are our small group options! Click here to email us to get more information, including addresses, contact info, and more! 

Sunday after Church:

-Leon and Pam Ross help lead a group with lots of empty-nesters hosted by Dave and Diane Sullivan in Cottage Grove.
-Paul and Robin Maynard and Todd and Susan Frazier lead a College and Young Adult group that alternates between homes and other locations.

Sunday Evening: 

-Erik & Kara Scharrer host a group that will meet at their house in Lakeville at 5:00pm.


-Matt and Traci Robinson host a group in Woodbury at 6:30 p.m.


-9:30 am at Ze’s Diner in Woodbury. All ages.
-5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in St. Paul, alternating between Hawley’s and Morgan’s with a meal.


-Patrick and Corinne Doherty lead a group that meets at the church building. They eat dinner at 6:00 with other church members and then separate with their small group during class time.


-Rick Bliss leads a group that meets @ 6:30pm at Jeanne & Leland Mann's home in Cottage Grove (all ages welcome- lots of empty-nesters).


-Steve and Tina host a group in their home in White Bear Lake every
other week starting September 15 at 6:30 pm. Anyone is welcome.
-Travis and Anna Edwards host a group at 6:30 pm every other week in West St. Paul.

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