Church Family, 

Our staff has been working hard to bring you resources to help you and your family disciple-at-home. As the requirement for social distancing goes on, it's incredibly important that we work extra hard to stay connected to our spiritual family. Below are tons of resources and links for maintaining our focus on spiritual health through discipleship and fellowship. You'll want to keep this list handy. 

1. Church Online

It's important to develop patterns and rhythms of staying engaged with weekly services. A good place to center your week is with Church Online. Most of us watch on Sunday mornings but it's available on Saturday evenings starting at 7 pm. Each week you'll hear updates from our Elders, prayer requests, communion thoughts, and, of course, the weekly message. We know you miss singing together so there are also weekly links to worship resources as well.  It helps us out if you take a second and subscribe to this page

2. Woodbury Daily

Daily content, from our church staff to help you disciple-at-home. We're currently highlighting conversations the ministry staff is having about discipleship and revival.  These are available in both video and audio formats (we're cool and have a podcast!) So, you can watch or listen while you do other things. As one of the people you'll be looking at, I recommend listening over watching. You can get daily reminders by signing up here. 

Audio Version - Apple Podcasts / Podbean.
Video Version - Youtube

3. Disciple Groups

Disciple groups remain the primary ways we're staying connected - think of it as your spiritual social network. If you're not part of a group then click here and we'll get you in touch with some wonderful groups that would be excited to have you join. 

4. Weekly Study Guide

Each sermon comes with a study guide that you, your family, or your disciple groups can use to dig a bit deeper on the Sunday messages. You can access the study guides here. 

5. Youth Group

Your kids were likely experts at connecting online already. We've got discipleship resources and connection opportunities that will help them stay focused on Christ. Each Wednesday there's a live Bible Study and each weekend there is some creative online group activity to keep your kids connected spiritually. You can get in the loop here. If you have any questions or would like to be added to the mailing list, reach out to Caleb. 

6. Disciple Kids

We have weekly resources for your kids to learn about Jesus. You can sign up to get resources, lessons, and craft ideas right into your inbox weekly. Logan is on maternity leave for a bit but she has plenty of volunteers taking care of things in the mean-time. You can reach them here. 

7. Women's Group

Our Ladies Bible study is focused on encouraging one another and prayer each Wednesday at 1:30 PM (starting in June). Sign up to join in their Zoom study groups and be a part of praying for our church family. Let Chelsea know you'd like to join in

8. Men's Group

The guys are still meeting weekly! It's Bring-Your-Own-Breakfast right now but you can still get encouragement and discipleship with other men every Friday at 7 am. (Note the different time than usual to account for the fact that most of us don't have commutes right now. Here's the Zoom Link. Email Matt for the meeting ID and password. Also, guys, sign up for the newsletter with all the extra info here. 

9. Wednesday Bible Study

Each week Bruce Goodwin is leading a live Bible Study over the book of Isaiah. You can log in here at 7 pm through June.  If you've been meaning to log on, now is the time! 

10. Join the Prayer Team
Prayer has to be one of the most important things we can be doing at any time but there is something about our current moment that makes it feel like prayer is THE most important thing to do. We have a prayer team that is meeting regularly. If you're looking for a way to serve, then this is it. Contact Steve for more information. 

11. Stay-At-Home Service Project Ideas

It's easy to focus on ourselves in a time like this but discipleship teaches us that we discover ways to serve others. In addition to praying for and reaching out to church members and friends and neighbors, here's a list of ways you and your family can serve. 

12. Give Online

An important piece of our discipleship is our generosity. Jesus said that what we do with our money was the clearest picture of what's going on in our hearts. You can read about our adapted spending and benevolence guidelines here. If you haven't set up a way to give online then take a minute and do that here. 

13. Weekly Newsletter

Each week we send out updates about everything that is happening, prayer requests, links,'s all there. So...subscribe to the newsletter.

14. Social Media

We, like about 5 billion other people in the world, are on Facebook. Now a lot of what happens on Facebook isn't always that informative or helpful but we hope that the regular updates you'd see on our Woodbury Page will be. Take a second and "like" our Woodbury page so you see updates. If you're one of those cool people that also like Instagram, we've got you covered too. 

15. Church Directory

You need access to the church directory right now. It has everyone who considers (or who we consider) a member of our church family. It is password-protected to keep your info private but you can ask for the password and we'll get it to you. Seriously, you'd be surprised how many people think something is wrong with the directory because they keep entering the wrong password. So...just ask. It's OK, we don't mind. 

16. Get the App

Seriously, you don't have our app yet? Well, it's a pretty comprehensive way to stay updated. Plus it's where we keep our updated prayer list. So, get the app. 

17. Contact our Elders

Our elders want to hear from you and pray with you! They have accepted the responsibility of your spiritual care and concern. If you have questions, need encouragement, or want to talk with someone please reach out to them. You can email and they'll all get it or, track down their personal contact info in the directory. 

18. Contact staff

We're here for you! Let us know how we can pray for you or serve you! You can contact to reach all of us at once or you can contact us here. Seriously, reach out if you need help, prayer or encouragement. 
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Discipleship doesn't take a break. It's incredibly important that you utilize whatever resources you need to stay focused on Christ. Let us help! Thanks for reading all the way through!