Scott and Shirley Raab

Belgium and the Netherlands

Scott and Shirley Raab are longtime missionaries in the Lowlands of Europe (Belgium and the Netherlands). They serve a church in Maastricht, Netherlands and are active in a variety of other ministries in that part of Europe. Woodbury has partnered with Scott and Shirley for over 20 years. Click here to learn more. 

Phil & Rebecca Jackson

Athens, Greece

Phil & Rebecca Jackson work in sharing the gospel with the displaced peoples gathering in Greece due to the many violent, political and economic issues in the surrounding region. Their prayer and efforts are harnessed with disciples that are transitioning to Europe, specifically as they facilitate and anchor new communities of faith among their own people groups.  The Jackson’s have been part of of the US and European church network for three decades and continue to coordinate with these partners how to empower, equip and launch more workers and evangelistic efforts in Europe. If you would like to receive their regular prayer letter that they send out, email Phil at and request to be added!

April 2020

Missionary updates: how is the Corona Virus impacting our missionaries?


Raabs Update (our missionaries in Belgium/Netherlands):


The Raabs are healthy and in "lockdown-lite" along with the rest of Belgium. They are allowed to get groceries, medicine, and be out in nature, similar to MN. The Belgium / Netherlands border is closed so they cannot be of service to the brothers and sisters in the Netherlands. This is difficult for the church as they look forward to their meetings.

They have moved to Skype meetings for services and studies. With this option, their attendance has been greater than usual because some members are housebound, and the e-meetings has made it possible for them to attend meetings when they normally cannot. Several have expressed how blessed they are by Woodbury’s online services.


They have concerns for their kids in the U.S. Sean & Jill are in NYC. Sean has been riding the train and taking public transportation for the past couple weeks. He is OK, so far, but there is concern there. Stephan and Natalie have been in their first home since January and Stephan is able to work from home...blessings there. They expressed great thankfulness for your prayers!



Jackson’s Update—Life on Lockdown in Athens, Greece


The Jacksons returned to Athens in early February, found short-term housing, and began language classes. By mid-March they signed a rental contract for an unfurnished apartment, and on that day, Greece went on lockdown. Suddenly, all stores, cafes, schools, and businesses shut down. Phil and Rebecca were able to purchase a bed and nothing more—no fridge, stove, washer, or other appliances or furniture. They could go to the grocery store and pharmacy, but could not get Wi-Fi installed. How were they going to store refrigerated items, cook, stay in contact with anyone, or access language classes?


The outlook was a bit grim…UNTIL God provided! A few days after the lockdown was instituted, their language teacher offered the Jacksons an apartment in the language school free of charge with access to Wi-Fi. Apartments at the school, normally reserved for study-abroad students, were empty because study-abroad programs had been canceled. What a solution!


As suddenly as the lockdown closed doors, the Lord opened new doors that allow Phil and Rebecca to continue language classes online, maintain contacts, and stay in touch with their children who are in college in the U.S. They received additional good news when Rebecca’s dad and his wife tested negative for COVID-19 in Cambodia last week. Hallelujah!


In addition to praying about the Jackson’s ministry in Athens and their progress with the language, please pray for their son and daughter who are not able to join them in Athens as planned.


Please continue in fervent prayer for the Jacksons, McEntires and Raabs.

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