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Scott and Shirley Raab

Belgium and the Netherlands

Scott and Shirley Raab are longtime missionaries in the Lowlands of Europe (Belgium and the Netherlands). They serve a church in Maastricht, Netherlands and are active in a variety of other ministries in that part of Europe. Woodbury has partnered with Scott and Shirley for over 20 years.

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Phil & Rebecca Jackson

Athens, Greece

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Phil & Rebecca Jackson work in sharing the gospel with the displaced peoples gathering in Greece due to the many violent, political and economic issues in the surrounding region. Their prayer and efforts are harnessed with disciples that are transitioning to Europe, specifically as they facilitate and anchor new communities of faith among their own people groups.  The Jackson’s have been part of of the US and European church network for three decades and continue to coordinate with these partners how to empower, equip and launch more workers and evangelistic efforts in Europe. If you would like to receive their regular prayer letter that they send out, email Phil at and request to be added!

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